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Image of EF Cable to Hydro Converision Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter and Wilwoods Image of B and D series Hydro Pull type slave
  • Image of BAWD SCB
  • Image of BAWD SCB
  • Image of BAWD SCB


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FREE SHIPPING! New product promo. We get calls for this part regularly. The OEM B series AWD shifter cable bracket is often a forgotten part that is needed to complete your AWD B series conversion. Our brand new OEM replacement can solve the issue of the missing part. It’s also just bomb and BILLET! The cable brackets are 3/16th zinc plated steel with 8mm bolts. More grab and bite for when you’re banging gears.

Comes with billet plate, aluminum raisers, Zinc plated steel cable brackets and hardware!