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Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of B and D series Hydro Pull type slave Image of Battery Box
  • Image of Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion
  • Image of Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion
  • Image of Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion
  • Image of Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion
  • Image of Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion

Competition Off Road Use EF Cable to Hydro Conversion




We have been in the cable to hydro business since 2009. This kit was designed from what us DYI guys were already doing and sharing on popular tuning forums like Honda-Tech. Welding on a mount plate to use 1992-1995 Civic clutch masters was the thing to do. We did this because the cables were stretching, breaking or we were swapping to a hydraulic transmission with no way to actuate a slave. Back in the earlier days there were not many parts made specifically for the 88-91 Civic platform. Retrofitting, cutting and banging was normal. It never did “feel” like a EG but it did the job. No breaking, stretching cables and we could use the transmission we desired.

What made us different? In 2009 we created something you can bolt on but you still had to source the rest of your parts. We initially used the same idea as what was already being made. The conversion works by installing the master inside the car rather than in the engine bay as most OEMs would. There was not any market eduction needed. Our buyers at the time just knew how it was going to work. Because “race car” you lost amenities like driver side vent tube and fresh duct air and that was not a problem. The 1992-1995 Civic clutch master worked but often extra clearance had to be made to the under dash area or mounting it up side down was necessary. Back then we as a community just accepted it. Over the years we found the Wilwood master just fit better for the given scenario. It offered better routing for the feed and pressure hoses over all. This adaption became part of our complete package. The market was demanding a more comprehensive kit. Over the years we have gone through serval design changes however mounting the clutch master inside the car along with fit and and feel issues has not.

In early 2022 we took a poll and found that 87% of our customer base were using our “race” part on their street car. We consider this product a race part as it requires you to remove all the air duct work on the driver side, it’s hard to work on and if installed incorrectly can damage both OEM and Wilwood style masters rather quickly. We are working on an idea that could make a more street friendly kit. It could be more expensive however the “feel” should be like what you could expect from a naturally equipped hydro car and working on it later would be easier. Until then we have reintroduced our race kit for those that just can’t wait.

Available options

1. EFV3 with Heim joint only (clutch bracket) is those that plan to use an OEM style 92-95 Honda Civic clutch master. This master fits but not great as described above. An OEM thread pitch heim joint and mounting hardware will be included.

2. EFV3 with Heim joint only with OEM clutch line is for the same people that will use an OEM 92-95 Honda Civic clutch master but will include a clutch line. The hydraulic fluid will need to make its way out from inside the car to the slave of your choice. Our clutch line is made specific to the scenario. The kit a consists of 2 lines. One from inside the car with a profile banjo fitting that in most cases will allow you to mount the master right side up. Many often attempt a universal line and 90 off of the master and generally run into trouble with fitting. The inside line then connects to a bulkhead. Because the line will have to pass through the firewall the bulk head will seal the passage. Using a single linen will require you to run a line through a large hole that needed to to fit the fitting end through chaffing the line over time as a result. The second line on our kit will lead to the slave of your choice meaning it will work with most Honda style slave cylinders. The most example extreme example is a complete RWD S2K swap. Our line comes with an adapters at the ends rather than direct thread pitches. That means you can change the fitting at then end when needed instead of having to replace the entire line.

3. EFV3 with Wilwood master and line. This kit includes a 1/2 or .5 bore Wilwood master. The number one complaint is “feel”. When swapping to a hydraulic transmission in a 1988-1991 Civic hatch, CRX or sedan an obtuse pedal ratio is created. From the factory the pedal assembly ratio coincided with the extended clutch arm of the original style cable actuated transmission. Hydraulic transmission leaves you with a short clutch fork reducing the amount of mechanical leverage resulting in a pedal feel heavier than before. Most compare their feel after our conversion is installed to a natural hydro car with the same type of transmission and clutch combo with disappointment. The conversions WILL NOT make it feel like your buddies EG because it’s not. Our goal was always just to make this old body work with newer transmissions. Serval generations later we’ve looked what can be done to help reduce the heavier than original feel and this combination we are offering in this option is it.

Works with B, D, H, F, J, K transmissions.

Works with performance and twin disc pressure plates.

Life time warranty on conversion steel parts. 1 year warranty on master cylinders.

89-91 Civic/Crx (LHD only)

Can fit 88 Hatch, Sedan or Crx when you swap pedal assembly to 89-91 Hatch, Sedan or CRX pedal assembly


REQUIRES: Removal of the drive side air vent and fresh air duct (can not be reused)

DOES NOT fit RHD at this time.


Installed on THOUSANDS of EFs worldwide

  • Bisimoto 724hp sohc Wagovan
  • Dsport Magazine CRX install
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