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Finally a shroud built by an enthusiast for the enthusiast. Made for the popular 1981-1991 Volkswagen Scirocco Radiator. This is a popular radiator chosen for its cost and construction, such as, dual pass, all aluminum material and size. We designed our shroud with space savings in mind. Adding a total of only 3 inches to the total depth. We designed it for the largest, slimmest and highest CFM output fan in the market, the Mishimoto MMFAN10C. We've maximized the surface area by mounting the fans as far over as we could. In a single fan option this means lots of room for activities!

MADE TO FIT "25" inch wide overall style Scirocco Radiators

The Shroud is a available in a few options.

Fan Configurations
1.Single Fan Left Side (LHD Driver side) Mounted
2. Single Fan Right Side (LHD Passenger side) Mounted
3. Dual Fan

Material and Finish Options
1. Steel Black Satin Powder Coated
2. Aluminum Raw

Single and Dual option Mishimoto MMFAN10C 10" 950 CFM

Each shroud comes with come with shroud to radiator and fan to shroud hardware. There are a variety of manufactures of this Radiator. In a effort to have a 1 sizes fits all a number of different bolts and spacers are supplied with each shroud to make thing easier for you.