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Image of 1988-1991 Honda Civic/CRX EFV3 Cable to hydro conversion Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter and Wilwoods Image of Battery Box and Battery
  • Image of Used transmissions
  • Image of Used transmissions
  • Image of Used transmissions
  • Image of Used transmissions
  • Image of Used transmissions

Used transmissions




We stock a variety of popular USED performance Honda and Acura transmissions. What is listed below in the “choose options” selection button is our current inventory. Most transmissions are opened and inspected for any internal damages. Parts such as synchros, sliders, bearings or shift forks are replaced when needed for a worry free purchase. The transmissions are sold as inspected used. Not rebuilt. This means it is not sold with completely new parts. We are selling used transmissions that will shift and rotate.

Prices vary please scroll through the “choose option” selection. Transmission are priced based on their rarity type and or condition. In each selection we will list what was repaired if it was needed.


Due to the nature of these types of transmissions. Our warranty is limited to 15 days from received date. We will warranty internal Issues that may have been the result of our inspection only and repair. The transmission casing are used and are to be expected to have scratches, dents, discoloration etc. In the event you find issues within the received date, buyer will contact us directly to discuss any problems. If the issues can not be resolved by direct contact returning the item may be needed. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ship parts back in safe and secure packaging. Hush Performance will not accept any packing that appears damaged due to return shipping and or packaging. Warranty is void if the transmissions are opened after received to the shipped address and accepted by the authorized. These transmissions are sold with the intention our buyers will be using them to race and racing is abusive. Any damages to internal parts that appear to be from abuse will not be repaired under warranty. No refunds will be issued and transmission may need to be returned to the buyer at the buyer's expense.


Items are shipped by freight, and priced for commercial addresses. Expect up to 1-5 days for processing and a minimum additional 5-10 business days for freight shipping. Flat shipping rate does NOT include LIFT GATE service. Additional fees for lift gate and/or residential addresses will need to be collected before shipping. Lift gate service will NOT be authorized if the additional service charge was not collected. Hush Performance will contact the buyer directly to verify buyer's shipping information and lift gate charge if needed before shipping. Items will not ship until we make direct contact. If you have questions please call before purchasing. Do NOT except packages that appear to be damaged. By accepting you are voiding any and all carrier future claims and warranties.


The buyer agrees the seller is not liable for any issues relating to carrier, and will contact the carrier company directly. This includes (but not limited to) incorrect address, lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

All orders cancelled before shipping are subject to a -20% restocking fee.

We do not accept any refunds, returns or exchanges of shipped items at this time.

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