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Image of 1988-1991 Honda Civic/CRX EFV3 Cable to hydro conversion Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter and Wilwoods Image of Battery Box and Battery
  • Image of EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake
  • Image of EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake
  • Image of EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake
  • Image of EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake
  • Image of EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake

EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon Staging Brake


This kit is for independent rear staging brake system (REAR BRAKES ONLY). NEVER USE ON THE STREET. This is a popular configuration for front wheel drive drag racing. Our kits are made for the Popular CNC 402, Wilwood Compact or GS. Choose your options below. This kit attaches directly to the master of your choice (of above mentioned) and runs along the exhaust tunnel to a T. 2 more hoses then run along the back "seat shelf" and directly out the wheel well ending and meeting with the OEM rubber hose bulk head.

This kit is used generally inconjunction with a front brake only and or dual rear caliper system.

This kit deletes your OEM rear brake hose system. You do not have to delete your OEM E Brake when using OEM Rear control arms and brakes.

Choose between EF/CRX/Sedan/Wagon CNC 402 or Wilwood Compact or GS down below. The lengths are different. Make sure to select the kit for YOUR need.

Staging Brake Sold Separately.

We have a complete kit including Wilwood Staging Brake and Wilwood GS master available down below.


  • Wilwood Hand Brake
    Both kits replace your OEM hydraulic brake lines. REAR BRAKES ONLY. This kit is complete independent does not and will not tap into any other brake system on the vehicle. The brake handle will be responsible for the braking function. Unless the handle is depressed the brakes allow the wheels to move freely if the E Brake is removed or not applied. This is intended for racing/off road applications only.

    You will have to add your own line securing hardware at this time.

    Please allow 5-7 business days to ship

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