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  • Image of S13BBD
  • Image of S13BBD



Delete your booster not your master.
Our new kit allows you to keep your stock masters and lines by simply removing your original booster and replacing it with our plate and push rod. Reuse your stock Clevis and jam nut.

Plate is designed for 1989-1993 Nissan 240

Will require to block engine vacuum if replacing a vacuum booster with this product. This product converts the car to manual brakes and requires more effort to stop. If you are unsure how this product works or installs do not use and return product.

This product is RACING product indented for OFF ROAD USE only. NEVER TO BE USED ON PUBLIC ROAD WAYS.

*since this is a body part and there may be a verity of of swaps available, it is the users choice how to plug the vacuum line that feed the booster.
*pedal pressure will increase however does not effect your braking distance, only the amount of effort
*off road use only.