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Image of EF Cable to Hydro Converision Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter and Wilwoods Image of B and D series Hydro Pull type slave
  • Image of EG Low web Hood
  • Image of EG Low web Hood
  • Image of EG Low web Hood

EG Low web Hood


Built much like the Webless EF, this hood by Carbon Trends (formally Fiber Images) features minimum webbing to extract more clearance for taller swaps like H22

This is a first time batch with plans to remove most of the webbing on future production models. The newer version may require dual hood props or gas shock hinges as the rigidity of the hood may decrease for single prop use.

These were built by our request but didn’t quite meet our exact specifications of being completely Webless so we are discounting them. If you’re already in the market for an EG hood this may be a great deal for you. Take advantage of same super high quality you would expect from Carbon Trends at this one time low rate. There are only 5 of these reproductions. You can be one of the lucky owners.

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