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Cable to hydro converions for 90-93 Acura Integra.

Our converion eliminates the cable by allowing you to bolt a master cylinder directly to your existing pedal assembly with no modification.

We concider our part specific to the chassis and does not matter what transmission or swap you plan to use. Just like a naturally hydraulic equipped vehicle, such as, EG,EK,DC all you have to do is add the slave that belongs to that transmission.

Important notice: Unfortunately our conversion will not make your car “feel” like your friends EG. Because we are using the existing pedal assembly the mechanical leverage does not change. The DA pedal ratio is 3.7:1. The extended clutch fork arm of the originally intended cable transmission makes up the difference to about 6:1 (optimal ratio) When you swap out that transmission for the short hydro clutch fork, you loose that ratio putting you back to just 3.7:1. This is generally why other converions up to including ours get a bad rep from heavy pedal. You should expect that same “feel” from our conversion. This by far is the hardest part for us to explain. Different clutch combinations with also change the way your cars “feels” from one vehicle to another but most importantly never compare yours to a vehicle that is factory hydro, because it is not. What we can say is that there may be a noticable differance and there will no longer be a cable that will break due to these conditions.

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