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  • B and D Series Hydro Pull Type Slave

    Relocating the slave on your hydro B and D transmission will aid with turbo and header clearance along with power robbing heat soak. Works with any car or any chassis using a hydro B and D series trans. Comes with … Read More

    not rated $105.00
  • Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter, and Wilwoods

    Our Boltless Brake Booster Delete Plate for 88-01 Honda and Acuras are available in Aluminum and Black Anodize. Made to use Wilwood Compact Master Cylinder. Take a closer look At our Brake Booster Delete Our Clutch Master Adapter for 92-01 … Read More

    not rated $40.00$420.00

    Cable B Series Trans to EG/EK/DC

    This kit allows you to install a cable B series transmission into 92-95 Civic 94-01 Integra and 96-00 Civic. Make sure to select the correct kit for your chassis down below. EG and DC kits comes with replacement Mount. EK … Read More

    not rated $129.00$179.00

    Cable to Hydro Conversion Master and Reservoir

    You can purchase the same master and Reservoir we use on our EF and DA cable to hydro conversions. We use a 5/8th banjo outlet (3/8th x 24) Wilwood Master. The Master will include our super strong specifically designed Billet … Read More

    not rated $150.00
  • Cable to Hydro Line Kit

    You can now purchase our line kit separatley. Our kit is 9 pieces by XRP. Our Line kit is available in 2 options. One to use with our Wilwood master cylinder (3/8th x 24) and an OEM style master cylinder … Read More

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  • Clevis


    FOR WILWOOD OR TILTON ONLY Billet aluminum Clevis. No more mis match Clevis pins or bolts to attach your brake booster delete master and clutch master. No more re tapping your OEM Clevis. Features 8mm pin opening designed specifically to … Read More

    not rated $33.00
  • DA Cable to Hydro Conversion

    Cable to hydro converions for 90-93 Acura Integra. Our converion eliminates the cable by allowing you to bolt a master cylinder directly to your existing pedal assembly with no modification. We concider our part specific to the chassis and does … Read More

    not rated $290.00$510.00
  • EF Cable to Hydro Conversion

    EF Cable to Hydro Conversion

    Why? When finding well known cable B or D series transmission or parts are hard to locate or swapping to new transplant like K or J series. Eliminate your clutch cable and its problematic issues like stretching or breaking causing … Read More

    not rated $150.00$529.00
  • EG Clutch Line For OEM Clutch Master

    EG Clutch Line For OEM Clutch Master

    Replacement clutch line for OEM Clutch Master. Connects with Banjo at the master to 48 inches of hose to a removable fitting at the slave. a not fixed hose allows you to update without needing to replace your hose. See … Read More

    not rated $65.99
  • EG DC EK K Series Clutch Line Tuck

    EG DC EK K Series Clutch Line Tuck

    Ok, Check this out. Its not your normal or standard clutch line kit. This line kit hugs the inner frame rail and tucks around the transmission and back up the slave. There are two types of slaves for the k … Read More

    not rated $65.99

    EG EK DC Cluch Line For S2K Master

    Fits EG EK DC using an S2000 Master Cylinder. Its approximately 48 in long and comes with the banjo bolt and slave adapter fitting. Its available in Black Coating or Stainless steel braided line. Check out this Video linked below … Read More

    not rated $65.99

    Wilwood Compact Master

    Popluar master for Brake and Clutch upgrades. Complete kit comes with 2 reservoirs and remote hanger. Banjo style master 3/8 24 banjo fitting. (fittings amd clevis sold separtely ) Available in 5/8th and 7/8th

    not rated $89.00